Friends Of The Red Deer River

For over 30 years the Friends of the Red Deer River have tirelessly campaigned against the blatant mismanagement of our precious waterways and fisheries. We oppose the idea that anglers are “happy” with the rapidly declining state of our fisheries and the constant degradation of angling experiences in our province.


We represent the interests of mainstream anglers throughout Alberta, but we are more than just a passionate group of fishermen.


We are family men and women who believe in a sustainable future for our children. We are business people, some of whom make a living on the waterways we are trying to protect. We are Albertans, fighting on behalf of other Albertans who have been lied to and ignored by an apathetic system.


We are the voice of Albertans who believe they deserve more from their Government than complacency and the status quo, and we are tired of being ignored.


For more information on our proposed Red Deer River project, click here.

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