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  There may be a light at the end of the tunnel on Walleye. A few weeks ago, a group of retired Alberta biologists told the Government of Alberta that we have a major walleye problem. They stated that most lakes containing walleye were in fact over populated with walleye. Being a top predator, the […]


After speaking to some of our government biologists, the biggest determent to our fisheries compared to B.C. and Saskatchewan is that we are water poor – that means we have more fishermen and less fishable water in Alberta. Wasted  Lake  #1: COW  LAKE  located west of Rocky Mountain House had been stocked with rainbow trout in […]


This is not the Gold Rush we want to see in any of our water systems. With the inadvertent introduction of goldfish in some of our detention ponds which overflow into our rivers, we now are seeing large goldfish in the Red Deer River and it’s tributaries. The variety of goldfish in the Red Deer […]

THE ALBERTA RIDDLE – Where can I go for some good fishing?

THE ALBERTA RIDDLE — Where can I go for some good fishing? The answer begins with a comparison of a football team to our fisheries in Alberta. A football team has many parts which are ownership, general manager, coaching staff, scouts, captains and of course the players. The team’s goal of winning starts with a […]


Good Morning Alberta! With the news from SRD, Rocky Mountain House, it will be a quiet summer for trout fishing. The last word was that Fiesta had a 100% winter kill. Beaver Lake was test netted with only a few small trout caught and lots of dead fish seen. Iron Side faired a little better, […]

Public Document on Commercial fishing Operations

There has never been much public information for the record allowing concerned Albertan or angler to openly study and better comprehend the ins and outs of the way commercial fishing operations operate and affect Alberta fisheries, fishery management budgets, angling desires and angling experiences. Hopefully this website will be a very informative conduit for engaging […]

Protecting Alberta’s Fish, Waters & Fishing Experiences

One of Alberta’s major concerns is the limited amount of lakes within the province and the significant number of anglers that buy angling licenses roughly (200,000-300,000 angling licenses sold in Alberta annually). If the truth be known Alberta also has a significant number of rivers, streams and creeks to address intense angling pressure as well. […]

Water Resources are Precious in Many Ways

In conversations with Environment Alberta public servants (water resources) the topic of water quality being quite concerning on the Medicine River (tributary of the Red Deer River) talk of other streams and rivers that are even in worse shape than the Medicine River came up. In 2011 the Milk River located in Southern Alberta for […]

Challenges and Resolutions

Everyone in the province seems to be able to agree that Alberta has many challenges as they relate to quality fishing within the province. Unfortunately effective resolutions are seriously slow and in many areas simply not forthcoming. It is always easy for the Political arena, Ministers and Deputy Ministers to explain away a certain approach […]

The Fishing Guide Industry In Alberta

There may be a lot of things said about the fishing guide industry here in Alberta some good some bad especially involving the fly fishing guide industry. One argument can surely be made it is not near as damaging to fish populations as illegal retention. There may be some added angling pressure directed at the […]

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