Founding Members

Bill Rademacher

Bill Rademacher has been an Alberta resident and an avid angler for over fifty years. He has always taken a keen interest in environmental stewardship, specifically the health and wellbeing of both flowing and stillwater bodies within the province. His favorite streams and lakes are those situated in the Clearwater region west of Caroline and Rocky Mountain House. He is excited to support the Friends of the Red Deer River and firmly stands behind everything this website represents.

Pat Williams

Pat Williams has been interested in conservation for 40 years and involved in the sport of fly fishing for 30 years. As a truck driver he has traveled all across North America and fished many of our country’s famous waters all the way from Ontario to the west coast.

Glenn Rhodes

Glenn Rhodes is a founding member of Friends of the Red Deer River and has been is a seasoned angler who is very concerned with the health and welfare of Alberta’s environmental areas. Glenn is a very big supporter of any cause that will lead to the careful stewardship and protection of Alberta’s precious watersheds and fisheries.

Bob Edens

Bob Edens has a wealth of business experience gained from hands-on involvement in both the public and private sectors. He has been active in the supply chain & purchasing industry for over 30 years. This experience has made him accountable for the management and distribution of both capital and operational budget allocations.
Bob is deeply involved in combating the environmental issues that threaten the fisheries and fly fishing locales of Alberta. His passion for angling is as infectious as his desire to see real, sustainable change.

Rod Winkler

Rod Winkler is a true sportsman. He’s spent the majority of his life hunting and fishing in Alberta and is a lifetime resident of the Province. Rod has seen first hand how the government has robbed the fisheries and wildlife and how their poor management of our natural resources has left them in a dire state.
Rod is a vocal member of the Friends of the Red Deer River who wants to help Albertans enact genuine changes that will ensure his grandkids can enjoy the outdoors the same way he does.

Pat Edens Sr.

Pat Edens Sr. diligently served in the Canadian forces for 30 years. Pat has hunted and fished all of his life and has spent the past 8 years supporting the Friends of the Red Deer River. He has been a very active member, attending several key meetings between the group and the senior staff of the Alberta SRD.
He believes strongly that this is a very pivotal time for Alberta’s natural resources. He believes that it is crucial that the public rally to challenge our governing bodies to take the protection of our environment seriously, knowing that without change it faces a devastating and uncertain future.

Les Kolibaba

Les Kolibaba has lived in Red Deer for the past 20 years. He works for the City of Red Deer and is passionate about the city and those he shares it with.

As an outdoorsman and a father of 8, Les also has strong feelings about Alberta’s land and the waters that bring life to it. He believes firmly in the cause of the Friends of the Red Deer River and hopes that their voice will be heard by those who have the power to make positive change.

Pat Edens Jr.

Pat Edens Jr. has had the opportunity to fish and hunt from coast to coast for a wide variety of fish being brought up as a Military dependant. His passion for the outdoors and the environment has always been at the centre of his energetic outlook towards the outdoor experience. He is as comfortable with a fly rod as he is with a spin cast outfit and enjoys fishing for Walleye as well as trout and pike. His wide range of experiences helps keep a balance in the group when the equilibrium between trout and Walleye fisheries comes up. He is also the youngest member of the group which also brings perspective to the table within this group.

Russ Carlson

Russ Carlson moved to Alberta in 2002. Russ has spent most of his life as a commercial fisherman as well as a sport fisherman. Being involved as a member of the Pacific Trollers Association for over 20 years and a sitting member of the federal governments Ground Fish Trawl Advisory Committee has given a good overview of what can and does happen with fishery management. Russ has brought much to the table in the group and he feels the province needs to do more for the sport and tourism fishing industries.

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