Out of Province Guides

Out Of Province, Out Of Mind

Alberta’s lakes, rivers and fisheries ought to be incredible revenue streams for our province and the people who live here.


Despite this, fishing guides from out of province (routinely British Columbia) are able to come into Alberta and guide on our fisheries with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever!


There currently exists no current certification accreditation for local Alberta guides, no licensing or insurance requirements and no fees or fines to help mitigate and offset this added angling pressure from out-of-province guides.


There are also no limitations on the number of outfitters, guides (local or otherwise) or rod days any outfitter/guide can make use of on Alberta’s fisheries!


Everybody’s Problem – Nobody’s Responsibility!?

Despite being acutely aware of the situation, executives of both the SRD and the Fish & Wildlife division will not accept responsibility for solving the problem.


Our MLA’s assert that it is not their issue to deal with. The Minister of SRD, Mel Knight, claims it is not his problem. Even Alberta’s Premier refuses to acknowledge any responsibility!


Yet, all of those mentioned continue to collect significant salaries, expense accounts, severance & retirement packages intended to compensate them for caring for Alberta’s natural resources!

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