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It is our hope that you will use these resources to inform your support for the Friends of the Red Deer River and the projects we stand for.

News Articles

Alberta Gives The Red Deer River A Boost


Outines the stocking of 1,000 Brown Trout of wild genetics (at our suggestion). Regional Fisheries Manager Doug Lowe is on record stating that the Red Deer River is “An ideal habitat” for Brown Trout. Neil Jennings (President of Trout Unlimited Canada) and Mike Guinn (Presisdent, Bow River Angling Outfitters Association) also voice support.


Water Research At Risk, Experts Warn


Outlines how water research in the Province of Alberta is now firmly in the control of a board with energy industry priorities. This is a devastating blow to the integrity of the research and makes it likely even basic research research about the health, maintenance and reclamation won’t get done.

Letters of Support

In 1999, Tom Mill, then Directory of the Fisheries Branch, sent the following correspondence outlining support for our group and urging Jim Barlishen, Manager, Environmental Mitigation Public Works, Supply & Services to work closely with us in the future. We question where that support has gone now!


Tom Mill Urges Closer Relationships With FOTRDR


The following are letters voicing support for our proposed Red Deer River Pilot Project.

Visitor Bureau
Jan L. Fisher, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce
Phil Pearsall, Manager – Red Deer Visitor & Convention Bureau
Dale Malin, Sportsmen’s Den
Tony Maxwell, David Thompson Tourist Council
Doug Wood, Just Fishin’ Tackle Shop
Gail Surkan, former Red Deer Mayor
Tony Blake, Trout Unlimited Chapter President
Barry Mitchell, Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine

Letters to Government/SRD/F&W

Friends of The Red Deer River Letter to Mel Knight

Obtained under Freedom Of Information Act

SRD Compensation & Credibility

River Otters: An Explanation

Stocking Reports (Comprehensive 1982 – 2011)
(More coming soon)

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